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30Jun, 2016

Oral Pathogens Contribute to Juvenile Arthritis

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July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month. As we discussed in May, studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between periodontal disease and the progression of arthritis. Continued research is showing that “An oral pathogen that connects periodontal disease with adult rheumatoid arthritis may also influence the progression of the disease in children” (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health). Juvenile arthritis is an inflammatory disease that effects children under the age of 17 and is likely to stay with a child into adulthood. Adding periodontal pathogens to the mix causes an increased amount […]

24Jun, 2016

What You Need To Know About The Oral-Systemic Relationship

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Many people today assume oral health involves little more than healthy teeth and gums. This is not true at all. There are clear relationships between oral health and general health. When you become familiar with the oral systemic relationship, it can be your first step to a healthier mouth and a healthier body. Oral Health And Your Body Oral issues cause bacteria to remain in your mouth. This bacteria enters your bloodstream, and travels throughout your body. This process can significantly increase your risk of many serious health problems. Common […]

16Jun, 2016

Nourish Your Body with Juice Plus+

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June 5th was National Cancer Survivors Day. This day was about celebrating those who have won in their battle against cancer of all kinds. As oncologists suggest, an important part of winning this fight is providing your body with the proper nutrition both during and after cancer treatments. Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay on track with this, which is where Juice Plus+ comes in. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. It makes it easier for you to fully nourish your […]

7Jun, 2016

The Importance of Oral Health for Men

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June is National Men’s Health Month, and it turns out that maintaining proper oral health often falls to the wayside for men. According to the April Journal of Periodontology, “Women are almost twice as likely to have received regular dental checkups in the past year, scheduled the recommended treatment following those checkups; and had better indicators of periodontal health, including lower incidence of dental plaque, calculus and bleeding on probing, all of which can be used as markers of periodontal disease.” Men are also more likely to develop oral and throat cancer compared to women. Knowing these facts […]