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3 Ways To Prevent Staining Your Teeth

By: | Tags: , , , | Comments: 0 | May 5th, 2017

3 Ways To Prevent Staining Your Teeth teeth whitening teeth cleaning oral care dental health A white smile is not only attractive, it is a sign of good health, too. You can start with some prevention tips to keep your teeth free from stains.
Make Changes In Your Diet. There are many foods and beverages that stain teeth. Common beverages include coffee, tea, and cola. The darker the beverage is, the more harm it causes. If you must drink these beverages, choose the lightest options, and drink them moderately. Better yet, avoid them entirely.

Foods that seem healthy can stain teeth. Limit berries in any form. This includes whole berries, pies and other products made with berries, and berry juices or nectar. Stains can also occur if you eat beets or tomato sauce. If you must eat these foods, brush your teeth immediately.
Change Your Lifestyle Habits. Tobacco is one of the worst offenders for staining teeth. Smoking is harmful, and chewing tobacco is worse. For the sake of your physical health and your dental health, give up the habit. Ask your dentist or doctor if you need help quitting.

Some medications can cause staining. Talk to your doctor about this issue whenever he prescribes a medication. He may be able to prescribe a different product that will not stain your teeth.
Oral Care Can Prevent Stains. If you do not brush regularly, plaque can build up on your teeth. Make daily care a priority, and have professional cleanings every six months. Your teeth will be clean and white.
If your teeth are already stained, over the counter products can be a waste of time and money. They are not effective for badly stained teeth. Even whitening toothpaste may not produce the results you want.

When you want to get rid of stains, you can call us to schedule a dental cleaning or a ZOOM! teeth whitening procedure. Your teeth can be healthy and beautiful.