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Cosmetic Dental Care and Services

The Power of a Beautiful Smile

Our Worthington area Cosmetic dentistry service aims to change the appearance of one’s smile. The smile, more than any other feature is what both men and women find most attractive in other people. Your smile can break down barriers between you and a richer, fuller life. How do you feel about your own? Through a variety of services, we can help you feel your very best when sharing your smile with the world.

Questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry:

  • When you have a slight smile, do the tips of teeth show?
  • Are your two front teeth in good proportion with your other front teeth as far as length, width and alignment?
  • Do you have spaces between your teeth?
  • Do your front teeth stick out more than your other teeth?
  • Do your teeth overlap?
  • Are your teeth all the same color when you laugh? Do the colors of your fillings match the shade of your teeth?
  • Does your existing dentistry look natural?
  • Do any of your teeth have visible cracks, chips, or fractures?
  • Do your gums look red and swollen?
  • Have your gums receded from the necks of your teeth?
  • Does your cheek and lip area have a sunken in appearance?
  • Do you have staining?

If you think you may be a candidate for cosmetic dentistry, consider our effective cosmetic services. Dr. McClatchie is truly an expert at improving the look of the smile through shape, symmetry, color, and more. Come in for a consultation to see what she can do for your smile! Check out some of our past smile makeovers in our Smile Gallery.

Cosmetic Services: