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At Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, we understand that finances and lack of insurance coverage can be some of the main reasons that patients don’t visit the dentist. For patient’s that do have insurance, often they are asked to make health care decisions based on the insurance companies’ policies instead of what they feel is best for them. Even then, patients can be faced with high co-pays, limits on annual maximum benefits, and restrictions on the types of treatment covered. For patients that are self-employed or retired and no longer have company sponsored insurance options, the idea of paying out of pocket for dental care can be daunting and paying for private insurance is also costly. We understand, and we are doing something about it! We are now offering our “Complete Health Dentistry VIP Program” for adults and children. We have 5 plans to choose from based on your specific needs. Our programs include all of your annual preventative care, Oral DNA Saliva testing, AND 15% off of all procedures done in our office (Including cosmetic and sleep apnea treatments)…..for one convenient low monthly price! Best of all you get the BEST in Oral Systemic care that is focused on YOU. Our plans are simple and easy to understand. There are no claims to file, no denials and no limits to the discounts you can receive. Click on the link below for more information. It takes just a few minutes to enroll. Take back control of your health and let us help you get the care you deserve!

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General Dentist Instructions For Tooth Pain

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