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Dental Clearance

Are you really giving the best care to your patients? Prior to any surgery and/or complicated procedures, it is important to have a qualified dentist give clearance to protect yourself from additional risk factors to the patient via the Oral-Systemic connection.

What does a Dental Clearance really tell you?

Oral Infection can lead to Strokes, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Lung Infection, Preterm Pregnancies, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and More.  If your patients have gum disease, tell them to get it treated and safeguard their health.  Protect Your Patients’ Health By Referring To Dr. McClatchie’s Office for Clearance.
Physicians, for a medical clearance what do you want to know?
The status of your patients oral health
  • Decayed teeth (cavities and breaking down of teeth)
  • Abcessed teeth (infection in the root with pain and typically visual signs)
  • Localized or systemic bacterial infection
In order to sign a dental clearance for a medical procedure, a comprehensive dental exam must be performed. This exam includes a tooth, gum and bone evaluation and testing for quality and quantity of bacteria causing the oral infection, to determine if there is a risk of bacteremia (an invasion of the bloodstream by bacteria).  We know many patients are found to be at high risk for bacterimia  with no clinical symptoms of active infection.
With the Oral Inflammation Center, you’ll discover how to implement the easy-to-use processes to make your practice more efficient and profitable.
  • Customized treatment protocols by dentists– Advanced testing protocols for harmful bacteria using salivary diagnostics and treatment for periodontal disease and oral inflammation.
  • Teamwork – Leverage your time and resources by involving your team.
  • Get the word out – Learn strategies to start the conversation with your patients and referring dentists.
  • Advanced treatment planning and coordination with dentists – Learn how to coordinate care with dentists for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or other serious health conditions.
  • Networking with Dentists- Discover how to build your inner circle referral group.

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Continual Education Credits

Dr. McClatchie is proud to support the growth of knowledge in the field of health.  And to benefit healthcare professionals, she has provided the following hyperlink to assist in the navigation of continuing education credits.

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Lunch and Learn

Dr. McClatchie is requesting your expertise in optimal co-management of patients. As an oral systemic dentist, she realizes the importance of collaborating with the attending medical doctors for the patient’s overall wellness. Level A research supports the oral systemic link and the improvement of systemic conditions with improved oral health.
Statistics support that more than 80% of our patients have an oral infection contributing to systemic inflammation. With proper diagnosis and treatment, mild oral infection can be reduced and controlled, reducing the systemic inflammation.
Dr. McClatchie’s office has implemented saliva testing to determine Interlueken-6 presence and/or the quantity and quality of bacteria that is causing the oral infection. With the results and knowledge of the cause of the infection, her team can treat each patient more specifically and successfully.
Any insights, recommendations or additional information you can provide on the medical side is greatly appreciated to ensure optimal patient management in this case.
Dr. Barbara McClatchie is a highly caring and skilled healthcare professional devoted to treating disease at the source and before it can harm the body.  She has extensively studied the oral-systemic connection and can offer assistance to other healthcare professionals.  She is an avid advocate for patients and physicians for total wellness.  As such Dr. McClatchie is now offering lunch and learns to physician offices who wish to learn how to more effectively provide care for their patients, and increase morbidity rates and quality of life.  We encourage you to take advantage of this service provided by Dr. McClatchie and her office for a higher quality of care.

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Glossary of Dental Terms -American Dental Association’s comprehensive reference provides a glossary of dental terms as they relate to the public.

Oral Health Care & Products

Links to sites providing helpful information on oral health and home care products patients can use to maintain optimum oral health.
Colgate -Trusted resource for dental health information and oral care products.
Crest– One of the world’s most trusted brands in dental products.
Oral-B -Oral-B developed this learning center for dental health education to promote oral care habits that are essential to the lifelong health of teeth and gums. The site includes information and advice for children, adults, and dental health teachers.
Sonicare -Learn how the Sonicare toothbrush creates an indescribable clean feeling, the benefits you can expect, and even take a factory tour.

Other great sites

HealthySmiles 2010 -A program with a goal to combat America’s Oral Health Epidemic by improving the oral health of more than 50 million American children and their families by the year 2010.
National Museum of Dentistry– The museum, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, is a lively national center where visitors learn the importance of a healthy smile and are fascinated by the rich history of dentistry.