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Health and Hygiene


Health and Hygiene
Health and Hygiene

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Dr. McClatchie is a general dentist with a special concern: how your total body health is influenced by your oral health. Her health and hygiene services aim to connect the mouth and gums with the health of your entire body.

Dr. McClatchie and her team work to educate patients about the ways periodontal disease and tooth decay can impact general health by spreading inflammation, increasing risks of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems, stroke, diabetes, respiratory infections, and premature births.

Dr. McClatchie is also one of the few doctors who offer the OralDNA Diagnostic test. This test allows her to diagnose the bacterial and genetic factors that play a major role in oral diseases and systemic functions.  Our curated services can help you get the most from this truly unique, advanced dentistry experience. 

Hygiene Services:

Whole Body Health

We offer nutritional counseling to our patients wishing to improve their health from the inside out. Our nutritional supplements and products are recommended by dentsits and doctors alike. Watch our videos to learn more:
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Why We Recommend Xylitol

Discover the Power of Probiotics

ProBiora™Pro, a New Weapon in the Battle for your Patient’s Oral Health.

Every dentist is on the lookout for new weapons in the battle for your patient’s oral health. This has become even more important as researchers learn more and more about the link between oral health and overall body health. ProBiora™Pro oral care probiotics offer a convenient, safe and effective method to augment the home oral care program you currently prescribe between regularly scheduled office visits.

Why ProBioraPro is different from anything else in your dental arsenal?

ProBioraPro is the first professional-strength probiotics formulated specifically to support oral health. Based on 30 years of research, ProBioraPro’s patented blend of three naturally occurring bacteria bind to teeth and go deep under the gingival margin, crowding out undesirable bacteria to build a healthy balanced oral microflora that helps sustain ongoing dental and gingival health.

Health and Hygiene

Restores the healthy bacterial balance in the mouth
Actively supports gum and tooth health
Naturally whitens teeth
Fights the bacteria that cause bad breath Is safe for daily use
Backed by 30 years of clinical research

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