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Experience the Difference

“Your dental needs are our first and highest priority. The difference will be comfortably clear after you experience our “One on One” care in a comfortable intimate atmosphere.  Our team is exceptionally trained and highly skilled bringing integrity, expertise, and compassion in all we do. We care about our patients and their needs and we pride ourselves in creating beautiful healthy smiles.”

Though short in words, this philosophy is long on meaning to Dr. McClatchie’s patients, as well as her highly motivated team. Perhaps the best way to explain her approach to dentistry is to share the mission statement by which she and her team practice.

Mission Statement

“Our mission in this practice, individually and collectively, is to fulfill the promises we make to our patients and to each other, that we will approach every task in the office in a professional manner, and in support of the “Precision Dentistry Compassionate Care” philosophy instilled in all of us by Dr. McClatchie.

Our commitment to Precision Dentistry will always include our promises of:

  • A standard of optimal oral health, encompassing all aspects of how our patients’ teeth, gums, muscles, jaw and bite work together for comfort and function.
  • A dedication to providing our patients with the most esthetically pleasing, naturally beautiful teeth possible, insisting upon detailed perfection in all aspects of clinical dentistry.
  • Creating a collaborative partnership with our patients, beginning with a comprehensive clinical assessment of their current oral health, an understanding of patient concerns and objectives, discussion of treatment options, and an agreed upon short and long term treatment plan.
  • A commitment to continuing our education so that we may provide the absolute latest innovations in materials and techniques.

Our commitment to Compassionate Care will always include our promises of:

  • Listening to our patients and putting ourselves in their shoes, as it relates to every aspect of their experience with us, from phone and front desk conversations to the reception area, in-chair experience, treatment planning and payment/insurance arrangements.
  • Assuring that our patients understand the objectives and techniques of all procedures that may be performed while they are being treated. To make sure that patients understand the recommended treatment.
  • Making the in-chair experience comfortable, calming and even fun.”

What is the promise to patients?

For patients, this means they can count on Dr. McClatchie and her team to listen and understand their concerns and oral health objectives. It means they can count on a comprehensive clinical examination and analysis of their complete oral situation, and engage in a discussion about treatment options. It means they will understand each procedure and become a collaborative partner in both short and long term treatment. But even more importantly, it means they will receive the highest quality in dentistry available and that they will be treated with individual respect in all aspects of their dental experience.

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