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Meet Dr. Goulder


Meet Dr. Goulder

Dr. Eric Goulder

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Get to Know Dr. Goulder

Dr. Eric Goulder is a board-certified cardiologist  has been practicing cardiology for more than thirty years. Over this time, Dr. Goulder has practiced what is called “standard of care” cardiology. It is based on guidelines that are developed from medical research to obtain the best outcomes for large populations. While that is fine as far as it goes, he now feels that he wants to treat each patient based upon his/her particular situation and genetic make-up. We are all a little different, and while a cookbook recipe works well for large groups, it may not be right for you in particular; You are a group of one.

While Dr. Goulder has always enjoyed practicing invasive and clinical cardiology, he has always had a strong interest in preventive cardiology as well. I have been somewhat frustrated over his years of practice by knowing that there must be more to the story of what causes coronary artery disease beyond the classically described risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, smoking family history, sedentary lifestyle). There were always those patients with coronary disease who did not fit the mold of the classic risk factors. After having taken the Bale/Doneen Preceptorship, Dr. Goulder has now been exposed to a whole new arena of ways to slow the progression of coronary disease and even prevent its occurrence.  It is this exciting new relationship between coronary disease and the many underlying inflammatory processes that is the key to stopping heart disease in its tracks.  This is also where the Oral-Systemic approach, the relationship between dentists and medical physicians becomes so important.


  • Graduate of Oberlin College with an AB
  • Graduate of The Ohio State University College of Medicine with an MD
  • Internal Medicine residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
  • Cardiology Fellowship at Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
  • Board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in both Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Former director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Riverside Methodist Hospital
  • Partner at Knightsbridge Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Columbus, Ohio, for fifteen years
  • Attending at Marietta Memorial Hospital, Marietta, Ohio
  • Certified Preceptor of the Bale/Doneen Method