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The Pankey Institute


To provide our patients with the highest quality care possible, we work with the Pankey Institute. As Pankey-trained dentists, we are well-versed in best practices for compassionate, professional care. We believe that the Pankey Institute helps us treat patients as individuals, and that it is a big contributor as to why we have such an outstanding reputation for care.

What is the Pankey Institute?

The Pankey Institute is a training program which helps dentists provide quality, individualized care. As society pushes for high-volume, low-cost dental care at impersonal offices, the Pankey Institute supports accessibility and quality for all individuals. The Pankey Institute understands the implications of oral care on overall health and believes dentistry should be comprehensive and systematic. The Pankey Institute training program helps dentists to implement this core belief into his or her own practice.

Why Choose the Pankey Institute?

The Pankey Institute offers a multitude of benefits to its members. Our office has noticed widespread success thanks to our Pankey training programs. Benefits of the Pankey Institute include:

  • Enhanced relationships between the dentist and the patient
  • Improved relationship quality between the dentist(s) and office personnel
  • Establishment of a cohesive philosophy among the whole office
  • Superior integrity and quality in all patient care situations
  • Modern education regarding active dental practices for all office members
  • Improved patient health and experience
  • Establishment of an office with ongoing support and trust in the practice

Dr. McClatchie is a proud member of the Pankey Institute and encourages other dentists to enhance the quality of their services by participating. Visit the Pankey Institute website to learn more.


The Pankey Institute