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5 on Patient Connect, Feb 18, 2019
Thank you!
5 on Patient Connect, Mar 7, 2019
Exceeded all expectations...
5 on Patient Connect, Mar 18, 2019
Wonderful staff Great doctors. Dr. Goulder and Dr. McClatchie are the best combination of cardiology and dentistry in the USA!!! Skills, service and personal care and attention to every patients' needs! My highest recommendation!!
5 on Patient Connect, Apr 29, 2019
The staff at Complete Health Dentistry is very professional, yet so friendly and accommodating. My gum health is better than it's ever been before! The practices and products they recommend support not only my oral health but total health and well-being. I am so grateful for Dr. McClatchie and her wonderful staff!
5 on Patient Connect, Jun 24, 2019
The most thorough and complete examination that I have ever had in my life. It showed me just how carelessly my dental care has been handled until NOW.
5 on Patient Connect, Jun 27, 2019
Always professional and friendly.
5 on Patient Connect, Oct 14, 2019
A lot of people hate going to the dentist but I don't because I go to the best dentist with the nicest staff.
5 on PatientConnect, May 4, 2018
Healthy teeth are happy teeth. The health of my teeth is important to me. I always feel I am in good hands at Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus.
5 on Facebook, March 28, 2018
I work in heart attack and stroke prevention myself. When I discovered I was in need of expert care, I knew exactly where I would find it. I took time off of my work schedule and booked a flight and hotel. I spent one afternoon and the next morning being treated using state of the art dentistry techniques not offered in my home town. Well worth it to have the compassionate and skilled staff you will find here. I am currently waiting for my flight home and have my next appointment set up. I came to Columbus as a dental mess and I leave Columbus one day later with a completely different oral (and soon to be Cardiovascular) condition.
5 on PatientConnect, December 12, 2017
I highly recommend Dr. McClatchie and her staff, as I receive personal care beyond the expected every time I have an appointment. If you've been delaying your dental care out of fear, your worries stop here!
5 on PatientConnect, December 11, 2017
Outstanding Practice. Dr. Barb and her entire staff are the best that you will find in dental health. They have definitely changed my smile and more importantly my health! Highly recommend this practice.
5 on PatientConnect, December 10, 2017
My children and I have relied on "Dr. Barb" and her trusted staff for over 20 years...and we have four gorgeous smiles as proof! The care, concern and absolute professionalism she provides us is beyond compare...not only for our dental health but our overall wellness!
5 on PatientConnect, December 8, 2017
Love the customer care and individualized attention my family has received here. The staff is professional, super knowledgeable, responsive, kind. Highly recommend this practice!
5 on PatientConnect, October 5, 2017
Excellent I would recommend Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus to all my friends.
5 on PatientConnect, September 26, 2017
Another smiling patient Lora has again given me a wonderful checkup and cleaning. Now I can smile with renewed confidence. Love your new offices. Very stylish and state of the art. I can remember when visiting the dentist was a much different experience.
5 on PatientConnect, September 12, 2017
Best practice ever! Since starting with Dr. Barb and her team my mouth has become 100% healthier. I am very happy to recommend her office. Outstanding.
5 on PatientConnect, August 22, 2017
Awesome! Loved the new office and everyone, especially Lora, was great as always! Super friendly, clean and I always leave feeling wonderful about my dental care. Keep up the good work!
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
I've been going to Dr. McClatchie for about 6 years now. She is very thorough and I know the details are being'll receive excellent dental care! Now....when you call in and Terri asks what she can do to make you smile, tell her you want free stuff.
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
My wife originally found out about Dr. McClatchie and was the first to get an appointment. I was impressed with their approach and started coming a few months ago. I have been very impressed and started with the testing and have had wisdom teeth extracted, implants and crown replacement. I very much trust their approach and their desire to address and improve your entire health. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
I really Enjoy being a patient of this Awesome practice! Dr McClatchie has taken Excellent care of my husband and I for the past 4+ years. We couldn't ask for a Finer Staff and let's Not forget our Fabulous hygienist, Lora! We are very pleased and congratulate the merging of Dr Goulder and Dr Mcclatchie's practices. This will open the doors to many wonderful things to come! Thank you to everyone!
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
This is a beautiful office. My first time to meet Dr. McClatchie but may come back to see her for an appointment.
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
This is a phenomenal experience. I cannot even say how much benefit this office has been for my health and that of my family. The Bale Doneen method is such an incredible concept for taking dentistry and cardiovascular health to a whole new level. The staff is exceptional and takes such good care of us. I have a whole new understanding of oral inflammation and its effect on our overall health. This is so much more than in and out and see you in 6 months. They care and have the expertise to create health for their patient Thank you Dr. McClatchie, Dr. Goulder and staff.
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
I've been seeing Dr. McClatchie for several years. I have always gotten the best care from her and her staff. I always feel like I am the only one who matters when I am in her office.
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
Dr. McClatchie and her staff have taken preventative care to a new level for me and my family! I really appreciate their approach to prevention not only through their dental care, but their focus on prevention, from the inside out. I have learned so much about bacteria in my mouth and the risk it creates for disease. Thank you so much for all you have taught me and continue to teach me! It gives me such a sense of security, knowing you are so much more than my dentist!
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
Dr. McClatchie and her staff have helped me through some trying times, dentally-speaking. The office are friendly and accommodating (Terri and Debbie) and the technical/hygienist staff are terrific. Two molar extractions went by without any issue, thanks to Dr. McClatchie's prowess at the injection of novocaine - they were pretty much painless. Lily, Pat, and Patty have all been fabulous...and the new office digs are gorgeous! My real happiness came when I invested in two new crowns, side by side. The porcelain crowns are an improvement over the gold crowns and a vast improvement over the temporary crown. So smooth - I have a happy mouth!
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
So comforting, so reassuring, so informative! Highly recommend.
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
Dr. McClatchie and her staff have helped me through some trying times, dentally-speaking. The office are friendly and accommodating (Terri and Debbie) and the technical/hygienist staff are terrific. Two molar extractions went by without any issue, thanks to Dr. McClatchie's prowess at the injection of novocaine - they were pretty much painless. Lily, Pat, and Patty have all been fabulous...and the new office digs are gorgeous! My real happiness came when I invested in two new crowns, side by side. The porcelain crowns are an improvement over the gold crowns and a vast improvement over the temporary crown. So smooth - I have a happy mouth!
5 on PatientConnect, August 14, 2017
I'm so greatful for the exceptional care I receive at this practice. Now that they have moved I feel even better cared for. Dr. McClatchie has been my dentist for nearly 10 years and I would never go anywhere else. Great work!!
5 on PatientConnect, July 28, 2017
First visit to the new office My first visit to your new office was great. I appreciated the tour of your new space and meeting the new personnel. I felt like I had walked into a lovely spa setting, and as always my visit with Patti was very good. After taking some of her advice from previous visits, I had a great checkup! Will continue to recommend your group to other!
5 on PatientConnect, July 27, 2017
Just had an amazing visit in the new office with Patti and Dr. McClatchie! Congrats to Dr.McClatchie and her husband Dr. Goulder for their accomplishments! Healthy mouth, healthy heart <3. Thank you to ALL of the staff for making this experience great! P.s....LOVE the new patient chairs!!!
5 on PatientConnect, July 27, 2017
Smiles on both sides. Excellent review and cleaning techniques followed by an in depth examination. Accompanied by interesting conversation, mostly one sided (ha ha) Looking forward to the new office space.
5 on PatientConnect, May 17, 2017
Recent visit Always professional,very caring always get to the root of the problem. I'm always satisfied with my care!
5 on PatientConnect, May 3, 2017
CARING FOLKS! Greatest staff ever! Very kind and helpful,when questions and procedures need to be answered.The work they my opinion,is oh so professional.All the staff is friendly,so its easy to be comfortable in that environment.
5 on PatientConnect, April 27, 2017
Everything was fine, no problems! Everyone was very nice, friendly. Lora does a fine fine, everyone does!
5 on PatientConnect, April 11, 2017
I want my dentist to care about my overall health as much as Dr. McClatchie & her staff. I needed a lot of work I had put off & they understood my anxieties & helped me get through it at my pace. Their billing department worked so hard to get my complicated dual insurance to pay their portion after several denials. They were exceptional every step of the way.
5 on PatientConnect, January 26, 2017
Always treated with 100% of their attention.The staff takes a genuine friendly,yet informative,and really cares about total overall health.I refer out whenever the opportunity arises to talk with people about dental care.
5 on PatientConnect, September 14, 2016
Dr. McClatchie and her staff are very warm and welcoming. The second I walked into the office I was at ease. Prevention of disease and living a healthy lifestyle are a top priority for me. Dr. McClatchie and the entire staff are very knowledgable about the oral systemic connection and focus on total wellness. I have learned a great deal about my health through Dr. McClatchie and her hygienists. Their philosophy and mission is much needed and I am very grateful that my family members all benefit from their approach to dentistry, total health and wellbeing!
5 on PatientConnect, August 31, 2016
I started visiting Dr. McClatchie's office a few years ago. I've battled periodontal disease for a number of years. After several unsuccessful gum surgeries at another office, I was looking for alternatives. When Dr. McClatchie and Lora Boukheir, the periodontal hygienist, started me on a new regime, things improved quickly! The oral DNA test was amazing and really pinpointed the bacteria which was continuing to inflame my gums. Once they treated me with the specific antibiotic, my gums improved greatly! I now have had several years of great checkups! I look forward to a long relationship with the office.
5 on PatientConnect, August 25, 2016
They really care about their patients and want them to have the best health possible! They clearly stand out from other offices with their commitment to complete health dentistry.
5 on PatientConnect, August 20, 2016
Needing a new dentist? Look no further. Dr McClatchie is Great dentist. Her and her staff go the extra mile. At my last visit I left my mouth guard there and one of the staff offered to drop it off at my home. There was a time that Dr McClatchie was not in my network insurance so I had to go to another dentist. When my employer changed networks I called Dr McClatchie and found out she was in my network, and then I switched back to her. Great dentist, Great staff!
5 on PatientConnect, August 15, 2016
I have been a patient of Dr. McClatchies for many years. When I found her, I was in need of a new dentist, and I feel very fortunate that I found Dr. McClatchie. I have been a patient of hers for many years now and I couldn't be happier!
5 on PatientConnect, August 4, 2016
My family & I relocated to Ohio & we feel very fortunate to have found Dr. McClatchie! She is truly dedicated to your dental care as well as your overall health. Her team is phenomenal at their jobs. They always make you feel welcome & comfortable from the time you enter the office to sitting in the chair. My children actually enjoy going to the dentist! Thank you Dr. McClatchie & team!
5 on PatientConnect, May 17, 2016
Great experience! I always appreciate their attention to detail in my care.
5 on PatientConnect, June 20, 2016
I met Dr. McClatchie' and her dental team at a training event and was so drawn to the understanding of Oral Systemic Inflammation that could be pinpointed specifically with a saliva test. I was compelled to make and appointment and I am so glad I did. Care was thorough and excellent and my smile is incredibly improved. Five stars from me.
5 on PatientConnect, May 17, 2016
Great experience! I always appreciate their attention to detail in my care.
5 on PatientConnect, April 9, 2016
Dr. McClatchie has cared for my family for over 16 years. She and her staff are caring, professional and extremely thorough. My strongest testimony to her practice is that my children all look forward to going to see "Dr. Barb" and will complain if one sees her before the others! #RockStarDentist
5 on PatientConnect, April 8, 2016
The best practice ever! Such kind and smart people. They care about your health.
5 on PatientConnect, April 6, 2016
Dr. McClatchie has been my dentist for over 20 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else in Columbus. She and her team are the epitome of professionalism, compassion and warmthth.
5 on PatientConnect, March 23, 2016
Dr McClatchie and her team have kept my mouth healthy for many years. My crowns from her practice are outstanding and she constantly checks the status of my childhood fillings. I recommend her practice highly.
5 on PatientConnect, March 23, 2016
After searching for a dentist in Columbus for quite some time, I am extremely impressed and satisfied with my experiences with Dr. Barbara McClatchie and her entire staff. They are most importantly, friendly and welcoming, and do a great job at providing the highest quality of service and care. Dr. McClatchie really worked to find my problem areas and provide immediate assistance in finding resolutions, and I am extremely happy with the results. I look forward to my next appointment!
5 on PatientConnect, March 23, 2016
Dr. McClatchie and her team are amazing! I have recommended this office to several of my friends. I have been going here for a couple of years and they are so personable and always make you feel comfortable. I leave the office with a full understanding of my oral health and feel as those each of them care about you as a person and not just a client. Highly recommend. Keep up the great work!
5 on PatientConnect, February 2, 2016
Great dental experience at Dr. McClatchie's office! Always educates patients on one's dental care & needs. Dr. McClatchie is kind & considerate of staying on schedule. Chrissy our hygienist was kind & extremely thorough on cleanings as well. Excellent overall dental visit for my two sons & myself! Very pleased.
5 on PatientConnect, January 20, 2016
I had a new Hygeinist Christy. Christy was all about education, teaching while she worked. I felt I had a very good deep cleaning.
5 on PatientConnect, December 9, 2015
Dr. McClatchie has always given me fantastic dental care and advise on dental health / my health in general. All of the systems within our bodies impact each other and Dr. McClatchie and her incredible staff (more like a family) care about complete health. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. McClatchie and her staff.
5 on PatientConnect, December 3, 2015
Great all around staff,very caring,total devotion to profession,and I will continue to refer every time I have the occasion to talk chompers!
5 on PatientConnect, November 21, 2015
Dr McClatchie and her staff have always given me great dental care. They have educated me on how to take care of my gums to keep them "happy". They have become like family.
5 on PatientConnect, October 23, 2015
Always a good experience and I am really impressed with Barbara's embracing of modern technologies with the updated cameras and scheduling software. Keep up the good work.
5 on PatientConnect, October 20, 2015
The experience was top notch. I was well informed of my procedure and expense. The staff is very personable and knowledgeable.
5 on PatientConnect, July 24, 2015
Wonderful approach to overall health! Never new I would learn so much more about Oral DNA The heart and much more.
5 on PatientConnect, June 17, 2015
Great experience! The entire staff was pleasant and welcoming, and Dr. McClatchie's approach to total oral health was educational and helpful in understanding the importance of oral health. Highly recommended!
5 on PatientConnect, April 8, 2015
Dr. McClatchie and her team are awesome! She is so up to date on all the new technology. She really is the whole package, she even checked my blood pressure! When I left her office I had a great understanding of my oral health. I would recommend her to everyone. 🙂
5 on PatientConnect, March 31, 2015
My experience with Dr. McClatchie was phenomenal. It was unlike any dental experience I've had before, but in the best way possible. There were people greeting me at the door, making sure I made it okay and automatically making me feel comfortable. The first thing they did was ask me questions about myself, and I truly believe they cared to learn about me through my answers. The receptionist, Heather, chatted with me until it was my turn to go back for my cleaning. The dental cleaning itself went very smoothly. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time, and everyone was so friendly I couldn't help smiling and laughing the whole way through it, which can be rare in a dentist office! All of the employees there seem to be good friends, which made me feel even more comfortable as they were joking around with each other. Dr. McClatchie herself was very professional, but at the same time was welcoming and chatted with me about our common interests, such as the Buckeyes. The second time I went back, they remembered me and were genuinely excited to see me and ask how I was doing. They truly care about each and every one of their patient's well beings, and always put in 110% to make sure we have the best experience possible. The overall environment was definitely a positive one, and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a dentist. And even if you aren't, you might want to think about switching!
5 on PatientConnect, February 27, 2015
We continue to be pleased to be customers, and trust her judgements and recommendations.