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Appropriate referrals are an integral part of complete quality health care management. Referrals should be based on the education, training, interest, and experience of the referring dentist and the unique needs of the patient.  Dentists and physicians are expected to recognize the extent of the treatment needs of their patients and when referrals are necessary.  Dr. McClatchie is a knowledgeable dentist who is able to co-treat patients for optimal care.  Additionally, many patients seen in our office may need to go to a primary care physician or specialist.  As an advocate for her patients, Dr. McClatchie recommends that her patients visit their physicians when signs/symptoms of disease are seen at her office, or if the patient presents high risk factors.

Referral Form

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As a proud member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, AAOSH, Dr. McClatchie is dedicated to its mission.

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Heart Attack Prevention Center

The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center (The HASPC) has one unwavering goal: to deliver optimal care through a paradigm of private medicine that allows for adequate time and attention to meet the unique, individual needs of each patient.

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Saliva/OralDNA Testing

As one of the few dentists commissioned to administer these saliva diagnostic tests, Dr. McClatchie is proud to be a practitioner of the OralDNA process.

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Cleveland Heart Labs

The latest news from Cleveland HeartLab.

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Pankey Trained

The Pankey Institute is a world renowned organization dedicated to the advanced training required for dental reconstruction. Their philosophy moves beyond just the teeth, as patient education and care are key in the training of dentists.

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Lunch and Learn

Collaborate and learn to screen medical patients for dental conditions that need to be addressed for better patient outcomes.

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