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It might seem unusual to consider mouthguards a part of dentistry, but mouthguards are actually an important component of dental protection. Mouthguards are teeth protectors used to reduce potential damage caused by contact, such as during sports or teeth grinding. Mouthguards are usually recommended for children and adults playing sports with any amount of contact to reduce the risk of damaged or lost teeth. Many people choose to buy pre-made mouthguards from a sporting goods store; however, these do not provide adequate protection.

At our office, we offer custom-fitted mouth protectors for any individual playing contact sports or grinding teeth during the night. These mouth protectors are more effective than alternative products (such as boil-and-bite guards) for a number of reasons. Professionally made and fitted mouth protectors result in increased:

  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Ease of breathing
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability

Getting a professional mouth protector at our office is incredibly easy. We simply make impressions of your upper teeth (and bottom, if needed) and then create the mouthguard based on the actual shape and size of your teeth, gums, and jaw. The material used in the mouth protector is specialized to reduce tearing, while providing maximum comfort and protection. If you grind your teeth, we can create a specialized mouth protector called a nocturnal bite splint to best protect the affected teeth throughout the night.

Do you or your child play sports or grind your teeth? Getting a custom-made mouthguard can be a one-time investment that saves money and time in the future. Call us today to learn more about mouthguard options in our office.