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Start 2018 Off With Great Oral Health

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2018 has started, and you may be ready to make some resolutions. If you want to enjoy the year with a healthy smile, it’s time to improve your oral health routine.  Start 2018 Off With Great Oral Health Worthington dentist routine dental visit overall health new year dental care healthy smile flossing Dentistry dental tips dental health dental care daily hygiene complete health dentistry complete health brushing

Oral Health Habits At Home

Flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash are habits you should practice every morning and at bedtime. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with mouthwash after every meal and snack.  

Your diet matters when you want oral health. Choose beverages and foods that are rich in calcium. Choose snacks that are good for your teeth, such as cheese and crunchy raw vegetables. To avoid dry mouth, you can chew sugar-free gum between meals. Limit sugary treats and acidic products, as they can damage tooth enamel.  

If you have bad habits that affect your oral health, the new year is the ideal time to address these habits.  You should not bite or chew hard objects that do not belong in your mouth. Ask your doctor or dentist if you need help to quit smoking. If you grind your teeth, ask your dentist about a mouth guard. You should also use a mouth guard if you play a sport.

Routine Dental Visits

Schedule visits to your dentist every six months. Your regular dental hygiene appointments will include professional cleaning and a thorough examination. If you have any questions about oral health or oral care, you can discuss your concerns with your dentist during your next visit.

Dental Health And A Healthy Smile

Your next visit can also be the time to address other issues. One example is an oral/DNA saliva test. This simple, painless test can help your dentist determine risk factors for oral issues, and decide if you need treatment.  

A beautiful smile can start with restorative or cosmetic dentistry. Perhaps you are missing teeth and want to know about implants. Perhaps your teeth are not as attractive as they were in the past, and you are considering bonding, veneers, or teeth whitening.  

Individuals who are at risk of tooth decay can have protective sealants applied to their teeth. This process is especially useful for children, but many adults can benefit from sealants, too.

2018 And Your Health

We can’t deny that good health is an important factor in a happy, fulfilling life. When we are free from health complications, life is simply better. As your oral health is directly connected to your physical health, this is one reason to make a healthy smile your priority.

You have many plans for the new year, and you may have made new year’s resolutions. For 2018 to be your best year ever, take time to focus on your oral health.

Visits to the dentist can be a positive experience if you do not wait until you are having problems. You can avoid the inconvenience, expense, and discomfort of ongoing dental treatments. Every time you leave the office, your teeth can be clean, fresh, and healthy.  

Between routine visits, take care of your teeth and gums. You can have the confidence that comes with a healthy smile.