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The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy

By: | Tags: , , , , | Comments: 0 | January 20th, 2016

The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy tips pregnancy oral health oral care dental care If you are expecting a baby, you must care for all parts of your body, including your mouth. Dental care is a crucial part of a healthy pregnancy. Hormonal changes may place you at an increased risk for dental infections and other problems. During this exciting time, it is essential to follow a proper oral care routine.

Morning Sickness. It is common for a pregnant woman to experience morning sickness. Unfortunately, it can strike at any time. Vomiting brings up acid from your stomach, which can harm your tooth enamel.  After a bout of nausea, it is essential that you brush your teeth.

 Pregnancy Gingivitis. Pregnancy gingivitis commonly causes the gums to become swollen or bleed. As food becomes trapped between teeth and hormone levels increase, the problem becomes worse. Dr. Barbara McClatchie utilizes saliva testing to check the bacteria types and quantities in your mouth. This helps determine whether or not you and your baby are at risk for complications.

Periodontal Disease. When gingivitis goes untreated, the problem can lead to periodontal disease. This condition attacks bone in the gums and can cause tooth loss, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women. It can heighten the likelihood of an early delivery and having a baby with a low birth weight.

 Follow a Healthy Diet. Consuming a balanced diet keeps your body healthy and is vital for the proper development of your baby’s teeth. You are advised to consume foods low in sugar and to drink plenty of water.  Meals should be filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products.

 The Importance of Dental Visits Throughout Pregnancy. During your pregnancy, it is vital to receive preventive care. Your dentist will examine your teeth, perform a thorough cleaning, and address all concerns you have about your mouth and gums. No matter what part of pregnancy you have reached, it is essential to tell your dentist so that you do not receive potentially dangerous x-rays or anesthesia treatments.

Prenatal health involves all parts of the body, including the mouth. For more information about dental care during your pregnancy, contact the office of Dr. Barbara L. McClatchie. She will provide excellent oral care that enhances the well-being of you and your baby.