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Tips For Protecting Your Teeth From All The Holiday Sweets

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | December 23rd, 2015

Oral health is important throughout the year. During the holidays, we cannot afford to neglect dental care. Some tips can help your gums and teeth stay healthy, while having a good time this holiday season.

Smart Choices For Teeth Protection

Protecting your teeth begins with making wise choices. While Christmas parties, family gatherings, and treats available in the home can make it easy to be tempted, healthy choices are available.

Although you do not need to ban sweets entirely, it is useful to know which sweets are better and worse for your dental health. Sticky treats and chewy treats are products to avoid. When you want to enjoy sweets, plain chocolate is the healthiest option. As it is easily chewed and swallowed, it is the safest candy for your teeth.

You can also choose treats that do not contain a large amount of sugar. Nuts and non-acidic fruits are two examples. You can offer these treats as snacks and desserts, have them in bowls at home and at parties, and place them in your children’s Christmas stockings.

Dental Tips For Teeth Protection

Home oral care is essential, even when you are busy and having fun. Make sure to take time to brush, floss, and use mouthwash after every meal and treat.

Your children need to follow this routine, too. Each time they prepare for a meal or a snack, remind them they must brush and floss afterward.

Special Teeth Protection For The Holidays

The holiday season is a good time to schedule a routine dental visit. When you have an examination and a professional cleaning, your teeth will be healthy and beautiful.

One idea to consider is making appointments for everyone in your family. Your family members will not start the new year with toothaches and tooth damage from holiday sweets.

Teeth protection is relatively simple. It does not require much time or effort. When you develop the habit of choosing healthy products, and brushing each time you eat, you have taken important steps toward oral health.

Teeth protection does not have to spoil your holiday fun. A gentle reminder is all it takes to make dental health a priority. It can result in lifelong benefits.