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TMJ and Occlusal Guards

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TMJ and Occlusal Guards TMJ oral tips oral care Occlusal Guards dental tips dental health dental care Teeth grinding is a common cause of TMJ disorder. As grinding often occurs during sleep, it is not simply a habit that you can easily overcome. When you protect your teeth with occlusal guards, you can have a healthier jaw, too.

What Are Occlusal Guards?

An occlusal guard is a mouth guard that fits over your teeth. The device is worn during the nighttime to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding and clenching.

When the guard is worn correctly every night, it can prevent TMJ disorders, relieve symptoms if they have occurred, and protect your teeth from damage.

Do You Need Occlusal Guards?

You may not know you grind your teeth when you sleep, unless someone in your household has brought it to your attention. You may be unaware of the issue unless you are experiencing symptoms. You may have pain anywhere in your face or head, shoulders, or neck.

You may notice clicking sounds when you open or close your mouth. Your face may be swollen on one side. It may be difficult to open your mouth, and your jaw may lock. These are some symptoms common to TMJ disorders.

A visit to your dentist is an easy way to learn if teeth grinding is an issue. Your dentist can examine your teeth and jaw. If she recommends a mouth guard, it is in your best interest to wear it. It only takes a moment to insert the mouth guard at bedtime.

As mouth guards are comfortable, you may not even notice it is in your mouth. The benefits, though, will be very clear. Your tooth enamel will not be worn down by nighttime grinding, and you will not experience the discomfort of TMJ disorders. You can have healthier teeth, a healthier jaw, and complete comfort, when you wear a mouth guard every night.