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What Does Heart Disease Have To Do With Oral Health?

By: | Tags: , | Comments: 0 | February 3rd, 2017

What Does Heart Disease Have To Do With Oral Health? oral health Heart Disease There is more to oral health than a nice smile. The condition of your teeth and gums affects your body, too. There are many health risks associated with poor oral health. Heart disease is one example.
The Relationship Between Oral Health and Heart Disease:

There are two ways poor oral health can be harmful to your heart. First, bacteria in your mouth can pass through the bloodstream and reach the arteries of the heart. The arteries can become hardened, and develop plaque. This can block or decrease normal blood flow. Second, bacteria can affect the heart’s inner lining. The lining can become infected. These issues are more likely to occur if you have gum disease, inflamed gums, or bacteria in your mouth.
You Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease:

If these issues occur, you have a greater risk of stroke and heart attack. Fortunately, there is an easy way to reduce your risk. Improving your oral health can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Take steps to improve your oral health at home. Never skip your brushing and flossing routines, and do it twice each day. Dispose of your toothbrush and buy a new one every three or four months. Purchase a new toothbrush whenever you have had a cold, flu, or other illness that affects your mouth.

Twice-annual dental visits can reduce your risk. In addition to professional cleaning, you can also ask for a saliva test. Your dentist can determine your risk level, and offer advice on changes you can make.
Heart disease can be life-threatening. Even if a person survives a heart attack or stroke, it can affect the rest of his life. You may never need to deal with these issues if you make your oral health a priority. Share these tips with your family and friends, and everyone can have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.