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Complete health dentistry involves caring for a patient’s overall health by making the connection between oral health and total body health. Complete health dentists use clues from a patient’s mouth to find signs of other illnesses they may have or be at risk for having. We strive to form partnerships between dental and medical professionals to work toward the common goal of improving a patient’s overall health and wellness.

What does this involve? One step is moving from reactive care to preventive care. One way we do this in our office is through Oral DNA/Saliva tests. As these assessments are being performed, our team notes any risk factors for oral and systemic diseases the patient presents with and thoroughly explains the correlations to the them.

We can then organize a profile that includes oral and systemic risk factor findings and discuss how their chronic (reversible) gingivitis or (irreversible) periodontal disease may place them at risk for cardiovascular disease, poor glycemic control, rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory complications, stroke, poor nutrition, pre-term delivery and even adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Complete Health Dentistry Of Columbus: Barbara L. McClatchie, DDS is located at 350 W Wilson Bridge Rd #320 Worthington, OH 43085.

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