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When to Get a Crown and What to Expect

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When to Get a Crown and What to Expect when to get a dental crown what to expect with a dental crown Dentistry dental treatment Dental crowns crowns   There are many cosmetic procedures that help to fix your teeth so that you can maintain a beautiful smile. If you want to know when to get a crown, it is best to speak with your dentist. It is usually used to support a weakened tooth. Also, it could be used to connect a bridge or to correct a discoloration. Since crowns are usually crafted from a durable porcelain material, they should match the color of your existing teeth.

What to Expect When Getting a Crown

A dental crown procedure is not complicated, but it will usually take more than one office visit to complete. During the first appointment, your dentist will examine your tooth and file it down. If it is severely damaged, it may be necessary to fill it so that it can correctly receive the crown. An impression will be made and sent to a lab so that the crown will fit perfectly. A temporary crown may be applied for protection until the next office visit.

At the next appointment, your permanent crown will be fitted and cemented into place. With proper care, it should last a long time. It may take a bit of time to get used to the feeling of the crown in your mouth. However, it will look and function like a normal tooth. There may be a touch of sensitivity immediately following the procedure, but it should quickly subside in a few days. If you have any problems, your dentist may schedule another visit to adjust the fit.

If you think you need a crown to relieve your discomfort, call our office today. We will examine your mouth and make a recommendation for treatment. Our goal is to deliver top oral care to all of our patients. We want to help to restore a healthy smile to your mouth.