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Why Did We Partner with a Cardiologist?

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Gum disease is on the rise in this country. This condition affects much more than just a person’s mouth. Scientists are researching the association between the mouth and overall wellness. This connection is called the oral-systemic connection. Dentists are teaming with cardiologists to better understand the oral-systemic connection to help discover the developing risk factors for heart attack and stroke among other diseases. Why Did We Partner with a Cardiologist? Worthington dentist periodontal disease overall health oral-systemic connection Heart Disease gum disease diabetes Dentistry dental tips dental health dental care complete health


Research has shown that individuals with diabetes are more likely to suffer from gum disease. Also, periodontal disease may make it challenging to maintain proper sugar levels. Since it is difficult to control glucose, bacteria that lead to gum disease has a chance to thrive and multiply. With high bacteria levels in the body, a person becomes susceptible to a number of other problems as well.

Heart Disease

Looking into a person’s mouth tells a lot about the rest of his or her body. When a person has inflamed gums, it may be a sign that other parts of the body may be negatively affected. With periodontitis, an infection starts below the gum line. This should be a concern for anyone with heart disease. Bacteria may travel through the body from the mouth toward the heart. When bacteria thrive in the mouth, a high amount may be in the heart as well. Maintaining good oral health may help to decrease heart issues. If you have a family history of heart problems, it is essential to understand the connection between the mouth and this vital organ.


In 2004, German researchers uncovered that having gum disease raised the risk of suffering from an ischemic stroke. This is caused by a blockage in blood vessels that circulate blood to the brain. To prevent problems, it is imperative to maintain good oral health.

Oral Wellness Can Impact Overall Health

When you pay attention to your oral wellness, you will positively impact your overall health. Top oral health plays a vital role in the Bale/Doneen Method, which is centered around a disease/inflammatory approach to health. Since it has been established that there is a definite oral-systemic connection, it makes sense for dentists to team with medical professionals, especially cardiologists.

Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen are the two cardiovascular specialists who developed this method. It includes a comprehensive plan that helps to prevent strokes and heart problems. They have introduced a plan of prevention, which uses state-of-the-art genetic testing and the newest scientific achievements to help identify and treat individuals who are building plaque in their arteries.

Dr. Barbara McClatchie has undergone extensive training from the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health. She has the knowledge to help you lower your risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, and similar inflammatory conditions. She understands that the oral-systemic connection exists and has partnered with Dr. Eric Goulder to be the first office with a dentist and a cardiologist under the same roof to help patients maintain top overall health. If you are concerned about gum disease and want more information about the link between your mouth and the rest of your body, call for a consultation today.