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The Perio Tray® by PerioProtect®: Non-Invasive Therapy for Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection that is hidden below your gums. Dental cleanings can effectively treat the bacteria, but when you return home the cycle often continues. Bacterial cells grow back in just hours after a cleaning, and toothbrush, rinse and floss can’t reach deep enough to address the infection at home.

The Perio Tray® by PerioProtect® gently applies medication deep under the gums to fight the infections. You use it at home for just minutes each day. The Tray is comfortable, flexible, and custom-fit precisely for your mouth.

With Perio Tray® therapy, you have a new chance against the infections. In additional to healthier gums, patients commonly report whiter teeth and fresher breath. If you’ve been told that you have gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis), ask our team if Perio Trays® are right for you.

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Regular oral hygiene is the best way to protect your gums from harmful bacteria. Brushing and flossing are key, and so are Perio Trays®. When used regularly, these tools can manage bacterial communities effectively.

Additionally, regular visits to the dentist are vital to gum disease prevention. Your dentist will evaluate your gums and other oral tissues during each visit. Periodically, your dentist or hygienist will measure the pockets around your gum line to determine the state of gum health. Changes in measurements help detect early warning signs of gum disease.

Taking care of your gums is important not to the long-term health of your mouth but also to your general health. Bacteria from the Infections in your gums can seed and spread, causing inflammation in other parts of your body. Adults with gum disease lose their teeth and are also at higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, dementia and type 2 diabetes. Chronic infection needs serious attention.

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