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Here at Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus and The Heart Attack Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, we provide a superior method of preventative care. The current healthcare system in our country aims to treat the sick and provide drugs and surgery as remedies. This type of care continues to allow for 1.5 million people to die of cardiovascular disease annually, providing only bandages, while never addressing the root cause of the disease.


We now have scientific evidence that heart attacks and strokes are preventable through targeted, preventative care. Traditionally, heart attacks and strokes are narrowly defined as microvascular disease. However, more recent data shows that these diseases are a more significant contributor than previously thought to a host of other chronic illnesses. The impact of this affects 190 million individuals in the United States alone.

What is The BaleDoneen Method

While there are established medical specialties designated for most of the bodily systems, there is no specialist dedicated to the great expanse of our arteries. With these pathways measuring over 30,000 miles, carrying blood to all the vital areas of the body, it stands to reason that any methods to prevent inflammation and disease would be optimal within this network. Yet most specialists in the current standard of care only start their work once a problem has substantially developed within any of the major organs.


This “wait and see” approach is a system-wide problem and there is a solution! The BaleDoneen Method, focused on the specialty of arteriology, is the cure for arterial disease. It is a science-based methodology that is medically proven and accepted to both prevent and reverse heart attacks and strokes. Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of Americans.

At Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus we can screen for your risk and get you on a path to optimal wellness. Please contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Why is it important for a dentist to be BaleDoneen certified?

High-risk oral bacteria often enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. BaleDoneen research is the first to show that these pathogenic oral bacteria are directly linked to arterial health and can cause heart attacks and strokes.


  • People with gum disease have twice as much small, dense LDL cholesterol (the most dangerous kind) in their blood as those with healthy gums

  • Chemicals produced by high-risk oral bacteria make it easier for bad cholesterol to invade artery walls.

  • These chemicals make the inner layers of the artery (where plaque forms) sticker, like Velcro, so cholesterol is more likely to be trapped there and clump into plaque.


At Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, we offer saliva testing to test for these high-risk bacteria and develop a customized treatment plan.

The Oral Health Connection

The BaleDoneen Method

Starting with education, the BaleDoneen Method utilizes six dynamic elements.

  • Education: Educating patients and practitioners alike in the causes and preventive steps of heart attacks and strokes, providing the essential tools for making informed and empowered choices that lead to wellness.

  • Disease: Treatment courses should be built on the accurate diagnosis of patients with plaque in the arteries, as this is a precursor to an event.

  • Fire: A “fire panel” of tests is used to detect and monitor inflammation. If plaque is compared to kindling, then inflammation would be the flame to set it ablaze.

  • Roots: Identifying the root cause of disease is essential in starving the fire. If the root cause is never determined, the disease could become dormant instead of being eliminated.

  • Optimal: Individualizing each patient's treatment course leads to optimal results and more effective heart attack and stroke prevention.

  • Genes: The BaleDoneen Method implements genetic testing in order to design a unique care plan for each patient. Genetic testing has been a foundational tool in the BaleDoneen Method for over a decade.

BaleDoneen Method

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus


Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus and The Heart Attack Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio is the first center in the nation to feature the expertise of preventative cardiology and dentistry under one roof, providing the holistic benefits of The BaleDoneen Method to our patients. The BaleDoneen Method is a science-based methodology that is medically proven and accepted to both prevent and reverse heart attacks, strokes, and many other chronic conditions such as dementia, type 2 diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and kidney disease.

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