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Complete Health Dentistry Services

Are you interested in a proactive and preventative approach to your health?

Our mission is to make Complete Health Dentistry the new medical model by merging medicine and dentistry into one healthcare system, thereby creating a new standard of care, making us better complete healthcare advocates for our patients.

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus offers a more comprehensive approach to your dental care so you can live a life of optimal oral and systemic health. As a complete health dental practice, we offer a wide range of services to support and guide you. Whether you seek a traditional dentist, cosmetic dentist, or a complete health dentist, you've chosen the right place!

Founding of The HASPC of Central Ohio

If you are interested in dental services in Columbus, Ohio please contact us to schedule an appointment!

Restorative Dentistry Services We Offer:

Restorative Dentist


Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus

Oral Systemic Health Specialist
Cosmetic Dentist

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus also offers traditional cosmetic dentistry services in central Ohio, so you can have a healthy mouth and a smile that you love.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Oral Systemic Health Services We Offer:

Oral Systemic Dentist

Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Barbara McClatchie is a student of The Pankey Institute, a world renowned facility of restorative education. The Pankey Institute is dedicated to the principles of life-long dental health and tooth preservation. Dr. McClatchie’s goal is to protect, heal, and preserve your teeth, and when damage exists, restore them to wholeness with form, function, and comfort.

As a complete health dental practice, we offer a complete package of dental health services to optimize your oral and whole body health for a lifetime of wellness. Always with a personalized, preventative, and proactive approach to your health care.

Traditionally, you see your dentist more frequently than you see your physician, and as the mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, we take the time to sit with you and get a complete picture of your health. Here at Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, we screen your blood pressure, perform an oral cancer screening, perform a sleep apnea screening, dive into your health and family history, and discuss your individualized risk factors for systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Poor oral health can even increase your risk of complications from COVID-19. As an added benefit to you, we are in the same practice as The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, so if you present with high risks for cardiovascular disease, we can perform a simple non-invasive ultrasound test of your carotid artery, to know your disease status. Click here to learn more about the CIMT Test. These simple tests could save your life!

Holistic Dentist
BaleDoneen Provider

Dr. Barbara McClatchie and Dr. Eric Goulder are the first in the nation to have a cardiologist and dentist working together under one roof. They follow a preventive approach to arterial disease, developed by Dr. Amy Doneen and Dr. Brad Bale called The BaleDoneen Method. This method is based on the fact that inflammation is the common pathway that drives the arterial disease process. And did you know? 50% of unexpected heart attacks and strokes are triggered by oral bacteria that live in your mouth. Then we can test you for the presence of this harmful bacteria and develop personalized treatment plans if necessary to treat this root cause of inflammation.

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

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