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By working together, we can treat all the root causes of inflammation, resulting in a settling down of the inflammatory process, allowing the arteries to heal, and a guarantee of arterial wellness for a lifetime.

“Dr. Barbara McClatchie and her team are second to none in terms of treating these patients [who are high risk for cardiovascular disease]”

Dr. Amy Doneen

(Co-Founder of the BaleDoneen Method)

Infections in the mouth are usually silent (just like arterial disease). Bleeding gums are insanely common, but never normal (just like arterial plaque). High risk periodontal pathogens predict tooth loss and severity of disease (just like arterial disease). You need a dental team trained in managing this pathology (just like arterial disease).

Over the past 20 years, there has been a number of well documented studies that clearly validate Dr. Virchow's science and points to inflammation as the driver of arterial disease. There are dozens of root causes of inflammation, as outlined by The BaleDoneen Method, three of which must be treated by a dentist, specifically a dentist that understands and practices with an oral-systemic approach. In order to provide a guarantee of arterial wellness, there must be health care collaboration to treat these three root causes.

Sleep Apnea Screening

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

More than 25 million adults in the United States are believed to have moderate to severe sleep apnea (OSA), which is an inflammatory process that in moderate form (meaning you have an AHI of 15-30 events in an hour) is equivalent to smoking one pack of cigarettes a day on the cardiovascular system. With more than 75% of severe cases being undiagnosed in this country, Dr. Barbara McClatchie can screen, offer home sleep testing, and develop a treatment plan if necessary, as OSA is a medical condition often with a dental solution.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease

50% of Americans over the age of 30 have the most severe form of gum disease, and even more prevalent at 70-80% in those over the age of 50. Periodontal Disease is like having an open wound in your mouth, 24/7, that never heals. The bacteria in your mouth travels through your blood stream and can wreak havoc. At Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, we can easily test for these high risk bacteria in the mouth that drives this inflammatory process, increasing your risk for heart disease, with a simple 30 second saliva test. And did you know? 50% of unexpected heart attacks and strokes are triggered by oral bacteria that live in your mouth. We can test you for the presence of this high-risk bacteria and develop personalized treatment plans if necessary to treat this root cause of inflammation.

Endodontic Disease Treatment

Endodontic Disease (root canal lesion)

Endodontic disease is an infection of the pulp (root) of your tooth, often resulting in a periapical abscess. This infection is usually caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease, a cracked tooth, or trauma. These issues can let bacteria enter the pulp of your tooth (the soft tissue of a tooth containing nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues). When this builds up at the root tip, it forms a pus-filled pocket called an abscess. At Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, Dr. Barbara McClatchie utilizes 3D Cone Beam technology, which has been shown to be 21% more effective on average at finding dental infections than average radiography. These infections can often be asymptomatic, so it is very important we identify if this is an issue, as it harbors dangerous bacteria that has been shown can trigger a heart attack or stroke.



At Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus and The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, we have the ability to run advanced inflammatory panels, not typically offered by standard of care medicine. For example, if your Myleoperoxidase (MPO) test results on this inflammatory panel are elevated, we will know to look for these endodontic lesions, as it could be an active infection and putting you at risk of triggering a cardiovascular event.

BaleDoneen Provider

Facial features that may indicate increased for cardiovascular disease

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Click here to learn more about The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio and our guarantee of arterial wellness.

Why is a dentist practicing with a cardiologist?

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus

Heart Attack And Stroke Prevention

Dr. Barbara McClatchie and Dr. Eric Goulder are the first in the nation to have a cardiologist and dentist working together under one roof. They follow a preventive approach to arterial disease, developed by Dr. Amy Doneen and Dr. Bradley Bale called The BaleDoneen Method. This method is based on scientific fact that inflammation is the common pathway that drives the arterial disease process.


Did you know? Dr. Rudolf Virchow, often called "The Founder of Modern Medicine" stated over 162 years ago, inflammation causes arterial disease. This was based on his studies of inflammatory blood cells found in the lining of arterial walls, where there was plaque buildup and damage. For the next 140 years, traditional standard of care medicine went down a different path, following the theory that arterial disease is a cholesterol storage problem and not an inflammatory process.

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