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Joint Replacement Surgery and Oral Health

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Evaluation of the prevalence of periodontal disease as a non-classical risk factor in the group of patients undergoing hip and/or knee arthroplasty

Kardiologia Polska - December 2017

Karolina Adamkiewicz , Anna E. Płatek, Paweł Łęgosz , Maciej R. Czerniuk, Paweł Małdyk , Filip M. Szymański


"Periodontal diseases are highly prevalent in patients undergoing hip and/or knee replacement surgery. The presence of the periodontal disease is possibly associated with a worse prognosis and should be treated."

Identification of Oral Bacterial DNA in Synovial Fluid of Patients With Arthritis With Native and Failed Prosthetic Joints

Journal of Clinical Rheumatology - April 2012

Stéphanie Témoin, PhD; Alia Chakaki, DDS, MSD; Ali Askari, MD; Ahmed El-Halaby, DDS, MSD; Steven Fitzgerald, MD; Randall E. Marcus, MD; Yiping W. Han, PhD; Nabil F. Bissada, DDS, MSD


"The present findings of bacterial DNA in the synovial fluid suggest the possibility of organisms translocating from the periodontal tissue to the synovium. We suggest that patients with arthritis or failed prosthetic joints be examined for the presence of periodontal diseases and be treated accordingly."

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