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Dr. Barbara McClatchie is a proud member of Next Level Practice and encourages other dentists to enhance the quality of their services by participating.
Visit the Next Level Practice website to learn more.
Next Level Practice

Why Did Dr. Barbara McClatchie Choose Next Level Practice?

Next Level Practice offers a multitude of benefits to its members. Our office has noticed widespread success thanks to our Next Level Practice training programs. Benefits of Next Level Practice include:

  • On-demand courses for implementing the Complete Health model

  • Coaching and team development, to elevate the entire dental team

  • Live virtual sessions for peer-to-peer learning and development

  • Networking and events for inspiration, education, and training

Next Level Complete Health Dentistry Coaching

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus

Oral Care Specialist
Member Since 2010

Next Level Practice is an advanced training program for dentists on practice management and advancing patient communication on the oral systemic connection. As a member of the Complete Health Dentistry Program, Dr. Barbara McClatchie has a large network of fellow healthcare professionals implementing the oral systemic connection. Through collaboration and training, we are working to make Complete Health Dentistry the new medical model by merging medicine and dentistry into one healthcare system, thereby creating a new standard of care, making us better complete healthcare advocates for our patients.

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