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Better Sleep for Kids: The Vivos Method at Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus

Have you noticed your child snoring, bedwetting, or waking up with headaches? What about daytime sleepiness and symptoms of ADHD? Many parents may not be aware that these symptoms could be signs of a more serious issue–facial underdevelopment. This can be caused by an issue with the airway, including complications due to tongue tie or an underdeveloped jaw.

In the realm of pediatric health, sleep plays a pivotal role in overall well-being. Fortunately, at Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, we are extensively trained in the Vivos Method, a non-surgical solution.

Understanding Airway Issues in Children

Facial underdevelopment in children occurs when there are repeated breathing disruptions during sleep, impacting the quality of rest and potentially leading to long-term health issues later in life such as diabetes, depression, asthma, acid reflux, and even heart failure.

Common signs of children’s airway issues include:

  • mouth breathing

  • dry mouth

  • inflamed tonsils

  • bad breath

  • sleep issues

  • crowded teeth

  • chronic headaches

  • bedwetting

  • abnormal bite

  • speech problems

  • habitual snoring

  • teeth grinding

  • daytime sleepiness

  • symptoms of ADHD

These symptoms often go unnoticed or are attributed to other factors, delaying the identification and management of sleep apnea, but recognizing them is crucial for a child’s long-term well-being. Airway health is essential, as decreased oxygen to the brain results in mental health issues as well as inhibiting hormone production.

Take our free questionnaire to discover if your child is at increased risk:

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The Solution: 

At Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, we offer a non-surgical solution through the Vivos Method. We are specially trained to use this innovative approach, which focuses on correcting the underlying issues contributing to children’s airway health, providing a path to better sleep and improved health for your child. While other treatment methods require nightly intervention for a lifetime, the Vivos Method takes an average of just 12 months.

Take Action: Schedule a Screening for the Child in Your Life

If you've observed any signs of airway and facial underdevelopment in your child, such as snoring, bedwetting, morning headaches, or daytime sleepiness, it's essential to take action promptly. Early intervention yields long term benefits, and we are here to support you and your child in this process every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a screening for your little one. Our commitment to providing comprehensive and effective solutions ensures that your child receives the care they need for a healthier, more restful sleep and a brighter future. Don't let airway impact your child's well-being—unlock the benefits of Vivos Therapeutics at our practice today.


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