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Pregnancy and Oral Health

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Pregnancy and Oral Health

Research / Articles

Periodontal therapy reduces the rate of preterm low birth weight in women with pregnancy-associated gingivitis

Journal of Periodontology - November 2005

Néstor J López, Isabel Da Silva, Joaquín Ipinza, Jorge Gutiérrez


"Periodontal treatment significantly reduced the PT/LBW rate in this population of women with pregnancy‐associated gingivitis. Within the limitions of this study, we conclude that gingivitis appears to be an independent risk factor for PT/LBW for this population.

Fusobacterium nucleatum induces premature and term stillbirths in pregnant mice: implication of oral bacteria in preterm birth

American Society for Microbiology - 2004

Yiping W. Han, Raymond W. Redline, Mei Li, Lihong Yin, Gale B. Hill, Thomas S. McCormick

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