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Why visit your dentist about your brain?

Alzheimer's is one of the most significant global health threats we face today. 45 million out of 318 million Americans, currently alive today, will develop Alzheimer's disease, and nearly 50 million will die of Alzheimer's disease if they do not receive effective Alzheimer's prevention and reversal. By the time most sufferers are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease–after the age of 65–masses of amyloid protein may have been building up for 15 or 20 years without creating any red flags of symptoms.

Our mouth houses over 700 bacteria! And they don’t stay there. Pathogenic oral bacteria travels through the bloodstream and reaches all parts of the body. If you could identify harmful bacteria and stop it before its journey to your brain and other areas of your body, wouldn’t you? The good news is that you can!

What are the root causes of cognitive decline?

There is a list of factors that contribute to the development of neurodegenerative disorders. Pathogenic bacteria and inflammation are at the top of that list.

Oral pathogens

Spirochetes are spiral-shaped bacteria, some of which are pathogenic. These pathogenic bacteria can be found in the mouth and travel through the bloodstream. The presence of spirochetes in the brain has been linked to Alzheimer’ disease. They form plaque and lesions in the brain, and continue to increase in patients with moderate and severe Alzheimer’s disease.

We can test you for pathogenic oral spirochetes through saliva testing! Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus offers non-invasive, quick, and informative salivary diagnostics. This objective testing allows us to evaluate and develop a personalized treatment plan. We test for high risk, moderate risk, and even low risk pathogens.


Inflammation is the body’s response to infection or injury. It is associated with the process of healing and when it occurs occasionally, it is not a source of concern. But chronic inflammation can lead to disease. Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders are definitely on this list.

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus specializes in identifying oral health factors related to your body's overall health and optimizing brain health with a concentrated focus on oral systemic health. Dr. Barbara McClatchie is certified in the prevention and reversal of Alzheimer's disease, ReCODE 2.0.

What is ReCODE?

ReCODE is "science-based prevention and recovery for brain health". It is a community created for the purpose of prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. Using genetic information, blood biomarkers, multi-faceted reporting, patients and medical professionals gain targeted treatment options for the prevention of cognitive decline. The ReCODE program is also a source of treatment aimed at the reversal of symptoms for patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and those experiencing cognitive decline.

The foundation for ReCODE is the Bredesen Protocol. Dr. Dale Bredesen has dedicated over 30 years to the study of neurodegenerative diseases and is regarded internationally as an expert in the field.

Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus’ own Dr. Barbara McClatchie is certified in the ReCODE program! This service is a wonderful addition to all our resources of preventative health treatment. Please contact us to schedule an appointment, so you can stop guessing and start testing!


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